Refrigeration Systems


Industrial Cold Water Refrigeration Compressor


Refrigeration compressors are by far the most common use for AC induction motors. EnviroStart provides energy management solutions from commercial kitchen fridges and freezers through to heavy industrial refrigeration systems such as the cold water compressor shown.

Savings range from typically 12 – 20% for the three phase systems giving pay back periods of 12 – 18 months. Savings of up to 45% on single phase systems, such as Bottle Coolers, have been achieved giving paybacks of less than 20 months.

In all applications EnviroStart accommodates and manages the high starting torque demands of certain systems ensuring reliable starting and control of power at all times.

Heat in the motor is also reduced by use of EnviroStart thereby diminishing waste and improving pull-down times in all applications.



Reports and Testimonials

SPMEC – 1HP Motor
SPMEC on Williams L5UC Freezer Unit 2HP Motor
db Report
SPMEC on Williams L5UC Freezer Unit 2HP Motor
Whitbread Restaurants – Single Phase Installation £1,500,000 Savings 
Scottish and Newcastle, Brewery, UK – 260kW Slip Ring Reciprocating NH4 Compressor

Dunnes Store, Ireland – 55kW Refrigeration Pack
Hollins Hall Installation May 2003 
SuperU Supermarket, Versailles France – Copeland Compressors June 2004 (For Base Data Only – Click Here)
Hua Cheng Supermarket Display Refrigeration, Nanjing, China 
SuperU Supermarket, Colomiers, France – 15kW Refrigeration Compressor 
David Sands Supermarket, Kinross, Scotland – 10A Single Phase Chest Freezer
Macrae Foods, Fraserburgh, Scotland – 55kW Refrigeration Chiller
Bernard Matthews, Halesworth, UK, Chiller Compressor 90kW May 2008 
Four Oaks Spirit Group Public House, Sutton Coldfield, UK – 4A Single Phase Walk In Fridge
Four Oaks Spirit Group Public House, Sutton Coldfield, UK – 6A Single Phase Ice Maker 
Red Lion Whitbread Group Public House, Lingfield, UK – 4A Single Phase Bottle Cooler
Calypso Hotel, Marsalforn, Malta – 4A Single Phase Upright Double Door Fridge
Gelati Grenola Ice Cream, Victoria, Gozo, Malta – 22kW Walk In Refrigerated Freezer Storage Room