Grinder Crushers Mills

Flour Mill

Grinders and crushers are many and varied with applications from quarries and mining through flour mills and cereal manufacturers to animal feed producers.

In the application shown which is in a flour mill, EnviroStart was used to great effect to limit the start current and also to provide energy reductio of 12%, giving a payback of less than 12 months.

EnviroStart has been used to effectively control the start and stop of abattoir bone grinders, reducing loading and damage to the drive train as well as giving savings of 15% and a pay back of less than 18 months.



Reports and Testimonials

Ding Li, Marble Cutters and Polishers, Nanjing, China
Colas, France – 55kW Quarry Rock Transport Vibrator
Indi Plasindo, Jakarta, Indonesia – 37kW Plastics Shredder
Unilver, Trafford Park, UK – 5.5kW Bag Cutter 
Navana, Dhaka, Bangladesh – 11kW Flour Mill 
ADM Milling, Tilbury, UK – 37kW Flour Mill 
Abbey Corrugated, Blenham, UK – 22kW Cardboard Shredder 
Weetabix, Burton Latimer, UK – 37kW Wheat Milling. (Weetabix Line)
Colas, La Roche sur Yon, France – 186kW Quarry Based Granite Rock Crusher