Air Handling

Air handling systems vary considerably, single phase or three phase, EnviroStart provides controlled start and energy management where required. Though constant load, savings of 12 – 15% can be achieved and paybacks of less than 24 months are typical.

Many air handling systems use high slip motors where DVR’s can be used to provide cost effective speed control without the complications or cost penalty typical with variable speed drives.


Reports and Testimonials

Hollins Hall Installation May 2003 
Whitman Labs, (Estée Lauder) Air Extraction June 2004 
Pavillion Mall, Binan, Laguna, Philippines 
Banque Togolaise, Lome, Air Handling 
HMP Doncaster, UK – 7.5kW Kitchen Air Extraction
Honda Cars, Swindon, UK – 90kW Paint Shop Extraction
Sealed Air, Kettering, UK – 11kW Air Extraction
Whitman Labs (Estee Lauder), Petersfield, UK – 5.5kW Air Extraction