About EMS (European) Ltd

EMS (European) Ltd

EMS (European) have specialised in the motor control market since 1997. In the time since their inception they have grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of fixed speed Motor Energy Control Systems, Soft Starts and Reactive Power Control Systems, (PFC). A major part of the Company expansion took place during the course of early 2002 when Eurelec Ltd was purchased from Spire Group Plc. This acquisition bought EMS (European) core technology capability to allow them to progress from acting as a high technology distributor for other peoples products to being their own manufacturer.

Eurelec Ltd was established during the course of the 1980’s as a focussed design and development facility with specialisation in the software control of both single and three phase motor systems. Many of the software code structures designed and refined through the years by Eurelec, and now the backbone of the latest generation systems developed by EMS (European), are now copied elsewhere in the industry though no other company has access to the full software structures and is yet to achieve the stability and control capability available in the EnviroStart, the current product name given to the generation six systems now being shipped.

As a high technology company EMS (European) have focussed their efforts into providing effective solutions to the problems of motor energy management and control, general motor control and dedicated energy reduction within the industrial, commercial, retail and leisure industries, they are a leader in their technology field with innovative and highly effective solutions now being used in many parts of the world.

Within recent years the product offering has expanded to include Reactive Power Compensation, (Power Factor Control) as well as dedicated products focussed into sectors such as escalators and refrigeration. Expertise in general electrical and electronic engineering have allowed EMS (European) to provide world class solutions to energy management problems that other companies have ignored.

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