General Industrial Drives

Water Pump Bank

Industrial applications are wide and varied, incorporating many, if not all of the other applications.

Water pumps such as those shown are suitable applications for EnviroStart, giving much needed soft-stop control to overcome water-hammer whilst also providing savings. In the shown pump-stack, savings greater than 20% were achieved, giving a payback of less than 15 months.

EnviroStart has been used to effectively control the start and stop of abattoir bone grinders, reducing loading and damage to the drive train as well as giving savings of 15% and a pay back of less than 18 months.




Reports and Testimonials

Protek, Clothing Manufacturer, UK – 6A Single Phase Sewing Machine Drive
Turgolev, Turkey, Power Press – 22kW Hydraulic Drive
Dev Mac, Turkey, Industrial Lathe – 37kW Twin Speed Motor 
Cotrel, Tunis, Tunisia – 15kW Flywheel Press
Covpress, Coventry, UK – 37kW Fywheel Press
Dev Mak San, Bursa, Turkey – 37kW Lathe (Alternate Presentation)
Turmak, Bursa, Turkey – 15kW Flywheel Press 
PZ Cussons, Kersal Vale, UK – 880A Water Heater (DVPR) 
Sichuan, Changhong Electric, Myaning, China – 15kW Flywheel Press