Become a Distributor

Would you like to become a Distributor?

If you are interested in becoming an EnviroStart Distributor, In the first instance please read through our Distributor’s Agreement which outlines our approach and commitment to you and your commitment to us should you become a Distributor; you can also review our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

It is an essential and necessary part of becoming a Distributor that you be properly trained and are capable of supporting the marketing and technical questions that your Customers will ask. We will provide this training in your own Country as this is the only true reflection of the problems that you will encounter in the field. We do not charge for our time but will ask that you cover the costs of our travel and accommodation during this training which will be conducted within three months of your signing an Agreement. Until such time as the training is completed your Agreement with EMS (European) will not be validated

We are looking for financially stable, capable and technically able companies to handle our products. We know from experience that it will take time to become familiar with the EnviroStart systems and to make headway into your Country’s markets, nothing will happen overnight and you will need to remain viable through this time whilst sales develop. It will additionally be necessary for you to have close association with electrical contractors or for you to have your own technical people as audits and installation and after sales support cannot be managed except through such qualified people.

If you are interested then, in the first instance, please contact Dr. Jonathan Hughes providing a brief summary of your Company and your Company’s capability or fill and submit the below form.

We are looking for partners within all parts of the world and would welcome contact from any company involved in the technical energy reduction or power management.



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