Motor Soft Starts

When starting, an AC induction motor develops substantially more torque than is required, which can shorten the life of the motor and peripherals.


During start-up, all AC induction motors develop substantially more torque than they require. This excess power, in the form of mechanical stress, is transferred to the transmission systems and results in excessive wear creating early failure of gears, belts and chains, which can result in production losses and can be expensive to put right, in addition to being potentially extremely dangerous.

Up to ten times full motor load current is drawn during uncontrolled rapid motor acceleration. At this time voltage dips, brownouts, overheating, contactor wear and system failure can result.

Many sites use Star-Delta starters but this only provides a partial solution to the problem as high current peaks are still experienced during the transition period when the motor briefly slows down when switching from Star to Delta.



By providing a controlled release of power, (torque), to the motor during start up, EnviroStart provides smooth, stepless acceleration and, (if required), deceleration, (soft stop). EnviroStart delivers an economical and extremely reliable solution to all starting problems and is fully configurable for all applications.

EnviroStart delivers increased life to motors and peripherals and reduces high-shock load, backlash, Vee-belt stress, noise and vibration; thereby reducing damage to motor and load bearings and motor windings.

Both single and three phase Soft Start units are available, ranging up to 800kW in three phase and 25A in single phase. 208V, 220V, 400V, 480V, 570V and 690V units are available in three phase and 110V and 220V in single phase. (50Hz and 60Hz catered for).



EnviroStart provides increased protection to the life of the motor and peripherals


EnviroStart is fully configurable for all applications