Department Store Escalator

Escalator drive motors provide a distinct opportunity for EnviroStart where they have proven themselves to provide effective management over prolonged periods of time with savings of typically 20 – 30% and payback periods of typically less than eighteen months even with the inclusion of the cost of installation.

As the EnviroStart motor energy control is fitted, in effect, external to the control and safety systems, integral with all escalators there is no risk to the user or service maintainer with regard to the operation and or safety features that are incorporated within the systems installed.

EnviroStart units are installed on all major manufacturers systems including those from Thyssen Krupp, Otis, Schindler, OK, Stannah, Kone and so on. IF in any doubt about the application and use of the EnviroStart units then  contact our technical support by clicking here. We will be happy to provide detailed installation support should you require this.

All EnviroStart units supplied for escalators are supplied as kits including full wiring and additional relays should they be needed to accomodate the up and down functionality of the escalator. The kits are designated as follows:

  • S10044     Suitable for motors up to 12A
  • S10045     Suitable for motors up to 16A
  • S10046     Suitable for motors up to 22A

Should you require additional information regarding the kits as they are supplied then please speak to our technical support people by calling our office on +44 1543 897370 and asking for Martin Hollis or by e-mailing us by clicking here

EnviroStart can also be effectively integrated into moving walkways and baggage conveyor systems with equally good savings.



Reports and Testimonials

Dunnes Store’s, Ireland – 11kW Escalator
Herold Center, Norderstedt, Germany – 11kW Escalator 
Malabon Centre, Manila – 11kW Escalator 
Nanjing Shopping Mall – 11kW Escalator 
Nanjing Shopping Mall, Nanjing, China – 11kW Escalator (Alternate Presentation)