Small Single Phase MEC’s


The Enviro+ air conditioning control provides a cost effective energy and operational control system for any single phase air conditioning system up to 15,000 BTU, (15A).

The unit provides not only energy management of the compressor motor’s consumption, using the well tried and tested technologies established within the Single Phase MEC, but adds to this by providing timer control to ensure that the system compressor, (the main energy consumer within any air conditioning system), is not running when not required, that dead bands are eliminated and that conflicting energy wasting activities within an environment are eliminated; (such as having heating systems on at the same time as the AC is running or having the AC running when the ambient temperature is below a pre-defined threshold). Additional controls manage the compressor motor start to ensure a “soft start” which increases motor and compressor life dramatically, control of the condensor fan to eliminate operation when that fan is not required and also short re-start elimination which stops, usually older or less well maintained systems, from stopping and starting too frequently.

Primary benefits of the systems use are direct energy savings of 35% or more. (With proper time control in cases where systems have historically been left on continuously, savings of greater than 60% have been achieved).