Air Conditioning


Wall Mounted AC Unit

Air conditioning systems are in effect refrigeration systems with air movement. Single-phase units predominate, EnviroStart can provide significant savings of up to 30% on the main compressor motors giving pay back periods of typically less than 24 months.

Three phase systems can be found in many “central air conditioned” environments such as office blocks, restuarants and hotels. These units can be of significant size, (many up to 500kW). Savings are excellent in these areas yielding 12 – 17% with paybacks in many cases less than twelve months.

Caution should be given on single phase systems where many “domestic” or “small office” systems employ a straight switching system where the compressor is either fully on or switched off. In these circumstances no savings can be made however



Reports and Testimonials

Hollins Hall Installation May 2003 
Denco, Hereford, UK 7.5kW x 2 AC Industrial Chiller. April 2008