Case Studies

In this section, you can find information regarding the following applications of EnviroStart products:

  • Injection Moulding – (Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural)
  • Air Compressors – (Industrial, Hospitals, Food Processing, Agricultural Feed Manufacturing)
  • Refrigeration Systems – (Retail, Hotel and Catering, Hospitals, Industrial, Food Storage)
  • Escalators – (Retail Environments, Hotels, Transport Hubs, Offices, Colleges)
  • Air Conditioning – (Manufacturing, Offices, Retail, Hotels and Catering)
  • Air Handling – (Offices, Industrial, Retail, Hotels and Catering, Chemical Manufacturing, Hospitals)
  • Fluid Pumps – (Industrial, Hotel and Leisure, Hospitals, Offices Blocks)
  • Grinders, Crushers and Mills – (Quarries, Mining, Flour Mills, Agricultural Feed Supply, Abattoirs)
  • General Industrial Drives – (Conveyors, Mixers, Band and Strip Saws, Metal Rolling Mills, Presses)


Reports and Testimonials

Specific reports and testimonials applicable to the applications are available from the pages above.


General Reports and Evaluations of EnviroStart Products

University of Brisbane Evaluation 2002